Test Fee & Refund Policy

The fee for MSAP-Ireland 2017 is €78 per candidate during the timely registration period (7 Nov 2016 - 5 Feb 2017). An additional fee of €35 applies to test bookings made between 6-19 February 2017.

VISA, Mastercard & AMEX are accepted for payment. ACER uses a secure carrier for its online payment functions to act as its interface with the banking system. No credit card or personal details are stored by ACER.

If a relative or friend is allowing you to use their credit card for this transaction, please ensure that they understand a charge from "ACER" will appear on their bank statement.

What if I don’t own a credit card and cannot get approved access to a family member or friend's card?

If you do not have a credit card, single use cards are available for purchase from banks for use on the internet.


Requests for cancellation of registration and refund of registration fee must be made in writing via email to the MSAP Office. MSAP fees will be refunded on request up until midnight (IST) on 5th February 2017. The administration charge for this is €35. There is no possibility of a refund after this date. There is no penalty, other than the loss of your fee, if you register for the test but do not sit it.

If through illness or emergency, you are unable to attend your test sitting, please obtain a Medical Certificate or other appropriate documentation, and supply a copy of that to the MSAP Office. This should be forwarded within 2 weeks of the test date to obtain a refund. An administration charge of €35 applies to refunds.