University Admission

The following courses require:
Module 1 - Written English, and
Module 2 - Reasoning in the Humanities & Social Sciences

National University of Ireland Galway (NUIG)
GY101   Arts
GY103   Arts (Public and Social Policy)
GY104   Arts (Psychology)
GY105   Arts (History)
GY109   Arts (Mathematics and Education)
GY110   Arts with Children's Studies
GY111   Arts with Creative Writing
GY112   Arts with Film Studies
GY113   Arts with Human Rights
GY115   Arts with Performing Arts Studies
GY118   Arts (Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies)
GY119   Arts with Journalism
GY120   Arts (Child, Youth and Family: Policy and Practice)
GY121   Arts (Children’s Studies)
GY123   BSC (Applied Social Sciences)

University College Cork (UCC)
CK101   Arts
CK102   Social Science
CK104   Arts with Music
CK105   Film and Screen Media
CK106   Applied Psychology
CK107   Geographical and Archaeological Sciences
CK108   Arts International
CK109   English
CK110   World Languages
CK111   Early Years and Childhood Studies
CK112   Drama and Theatre Studies
CK113   Criminology
CK114   Social Science (Youth & Community Work) - Restricted Entry
CK115   Social Work - Mature Applicants only
CK116   Sports Studies and Physical Education
CK117   Economics (through Transformational Learning)
CK118   Digital Humanities and Information Technology

University College Dublin (UCD)
DN500   BA Degree - joint honours (full-time)
DN510   Economics
DN511   English
DN513   English with Film
DN514   Planning, Geography and Environmental Policy
DN515   History
DN519   Psychology
DN541   International Languages
DN550   Social Science
DN600   Law
DN610   Business and Law

The following courses require:
Module 1 - Written English, and
Module 3 - Reasoning in the Sciences, Mathematics & Social Sciences

University College Dublin (UCD)
DN200   Science
DN201   Computer Science
DN230   Actuarial and Financial Studies
DN250   Agricultural Science
DN252   Dairy Business
DN253   Agri-Environmental Sciences
DN261   Food Science
DN262   Human Nutrition
DN271   Forestry

University of Limerick (UL)
LM089    Bachelor of Science in Sport and Exercise Sciences
LM100    Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy
LM102    Bachelor of Science in Psychology