MSAP Ireland is a high-stakes test; that is, the results of the test have the potential to make a major impact on the future career of the test taker. For this reason, ACER has established security procedures which will be strictly enforced at all times. The giving of false or misleading information during the registration process, and any form of cheating during the test itself, are viewed as serious breaches of ethical behaviour and will attract penalties.

Any candidate found to be cheating will automatically have their MSAP Ireland results cancelled and may be prohibited from registering to take MSAP Ireland on a future occasion.

Practices that constitute cheating include:

  • Failure to follow test supervisor’s instructions at all times, including the instruction to work only on a particular Module of the test
  • Attempting to take the test on behalf of another person or have another person take the test for you
  • Attempting to copy or remove a test book or part thereof, an answer sheet, or any notes, from the test room
  • Failure to stop work and put pencils down immediately when instructed
  • Giving or receiving of assistance during the test
  • Creating a disturbance
  • Using prohibited items
  • Using or passing on information about test questions to a third party for the purpose of your own or the third party’s personal or commercial gain.