Your result notification is sent to the same email address you used to register for the test and to receive your test Admission Ticket.
Your email address is very important, so we recommend you register using an address that you use often and that is secure. If you use a Hotmail or Yahoo address please put  into your address book so your email provider will accept the email.

Results are available to candidates approximately six weeks after the test. You should print out a copy of your results for your own records.

Universities will have electronic access to MSAP Ireland test results after the test sitting.

Please DO NOT contact the MSAP Office to ask about results until mid-April, and you have checked the inbox and the spam email box of the email address you provided when you registered. If you find that you do have to enquire about your results, please include your full name, date of birth and MSAP Candidate ID number in your enquiry.

If you change your email address, please email the MSAP-Ireland Office at  immediately, so that we can send your result notification email to the correct email address. Verification of your identity will be required in order to confirm the change.

Candidates receive results for all modules of the MSAP test attempted. MSAP results are reported as scale scores on a range usually between 50 and 150, with a mean score of 100. The MSAP scale scores reflect the differing abilities of the candidates and different degrees of difficulty of the test items.

Percentile ranks are provided to help make sense of the scaled scores, and indicate the percentage of candidates receiving scores below a certain score. For example, if a score of 117 has a percentile of 80, it means that a candidate who achieves a score of 117 has a higher result than 80% of the candidate population (i.e. they are in the top 20% of the candidate population).

An Overall MSAP score is also reported. Results from Module 1 and the multiple choice modules are averaged.

Candidates who sit for Module 1 and Module 2 receive an MSAP Arts/Humanities Overall score.

Candidates who sit for Module 1 and Module 3 receive an MSAP Maths/Sciences Overall score.

Candidates who sit for Modules 1, 2 and 3 receive two separate Overall scores: an MSAP Arts/Humanities Overall score, and an MSAP Maths/Sciences Overall score.